Green Maples Drone

About Green Maples

Green Maples is a drone-based agronomic servicing and consulting company with the primary goal of finding sustainable solutions to farmers’ crop surveillance, weed control, pests and diseases control challenges. Our innovative business model is tailored towards strengthening the resilience of smallholder farmers against pests, diseases and weed challenges through effective agronomic surveillance and crop protection (spraying) leveraging the Agriculture Drone Technology.

Our Service

At Green Maples, we believe that the more farming becomes easier, the more farmers become happy, efficient, productive and profitable; hence more food goes into the agricultural supply-chain and more food lands on every Nigerian’s table!

Our ideaology

We are adopting the innovative Agriculture Sprayer Drone as our flagship precision agriculture technology to help smallholder farmers find sustainable solutions to crop surveillance, weed control, pests and diseases control challenges. Our Agriculture Sprayer Drone solution turns on-farm activities to fun, makes smallholder farmers efficient, productive and profitable. With agriculture sprayer drones, 50-100 acres of farmland can be sprayed per day, which is 30times more than traditional knapsack sprayers, 10times more than tractor-driven mechanical boom-sprayers, water and soil pollution is severely reduced, 30% of inputs saving is established, 90% of water can be saved in comparison to traditional spraying methods and there is 97% reduction in cost, has a long productive lifespan, low maintenance cost, cover a large field terrains compared to traditional spraying methods. Agriculture sprayer drone offers potential for dramatic cost reductions, increase in efficiency and precision. Agriculture Drone technology is a lead in progress from current crop protection practices.

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